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They are the third element ensuring the safety of the occupants of the vehicle and that of other users. They have the mission of keeping the vehicle on the road and transmitting the engine force to the ground. They also act as a buffer and drive the vehicle on the desired path. Note that each tire has only a few square centimeters of contact with the ground. This area is the only one between us and the road. This gives us an idea of the importance of keeping tires in optimal condition.

- It is very important to respect the measures and different codes that are marked on the vehicle's technical sheet and which must match the figures and letters recorded on the side of each tire.

- Check the pressure periodically with the cold tires while respecting the pressure difference between the front and rear axle. Incorrect pressure influences vehicle consumption and premature tire wear.

- On long journeys or with high load, increase the pressure between 0.2 and 0.3 bar.

The tire wear is caused by use, but also for reasons as diverse as: bad dampers, inadequate pressures, violent braking or defective axis alignment.

Tires should be replaced when:

- Tires have more than four years
- Depth of drawing is less than 1.6mm
- They show signs of aging on the sides
- They are deformed or abnormally worn.

One reason for premature tire wear is misalignment. We can define alignment as the parameter set of the suspension elements that maintain the vehicle's trajectory. A simple punch to one of these elements (tire, damper ...) can change the characteristics of one of the elements, causing the geometry to vary, resulting in the tire working at the wrong angle and therefore wear off more quickly.

If you detect that:

- Tires are worn further inside or outside
- Vehicle loses trajectory by leaving the steering wheel for a moment
- The steering wheel is descentralized

alignment is necessary at the time of tire change in order to correct the defect.

At we perform a comprehensive tire service. From assembly, electronic balancing to avoid vibration, to alignment of both axes.

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