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Oil change and services

One of the ways to extend the life of a car is to make it properly serviced. With this we ensure that its components yield with maximum efficiency.

The engine is lubricated by oil that reduces the friction of moving parts.

With use, drag the impurities into the filter while losing its lubricating properties. Also, in the middle of the ducts that direct the air flow, there is a filter that holds the impurities before entering the combustion chambers.

On the other hand, in diesel engines there is also a filter that stops the impurities of diesel before it enters the injectors. For this reason it is necessary to change the oil and filters before they lose their full effectiveness.

There are different oil qualities depending on their composition: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic 100%. In addition, new-generation vehicles and high-performance engines have developed specific lubricants for them today.

At we have a wide range of oils that meet the needs of the vast majority of vehicles on the market. We only use lubricants from the main brands, ensuring maximum quality for each type of car.

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