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They are one of the key elements, along with tires, of active vehicle safety, which is why they are of vital importance to you and all other road users.

The brake system ensures an immediate, effective and accurate response to slow down.

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It is composed of a hydraulic system, which through pipes through which the brake fluid circulates, the brake fluid powered by a pump, makes the necessary force on a caliper in which the brake pads and disks or shoe are located, to gradually slow down to stop the vehicle if necessary.

Each braking causes wear to wear greater or lesser measure of friction parts such as brake pads, disks, drums and shoe. This requires periodic review to determine the status and wear of all elements.

Of all, pills suffer the most from this wear, as they largely assume the power to be done to stop the vehicle. The disks, on the front axle, and drums on the rear if applicable, assume the friction of the pills and shoes causing high temperatures. This reduces thickness and effectiveness over time until replacement is necessary.

The brake fluid is the element that transmits the force from the brake pump to the four wheels when the brake pedal is pressed. It is subjected to the high temperatures transmitted by the pads and brake disks, while being very sensitive to humidity. This causes, even if you don't have wear like the other parts, it does degrade with time and use, losing braking efficiency and damaging the entire system.

At makes a thorough review of all elements by making a complete diagnosis of the system. This prevents problems from arising until the next visit while giving the peace of mind of safe driving.

However, if:

- The brake fluid level indicator comes on
- The pill wear testimony lights up
- When braking vibrations are produced that are transmitted to the brake pedal flyer
- If the vehicle loses its path when braking, stopping little or the brake pedal hardens
- Wheels are locked with minimal pedal pressure, or in general abnormal braking behavior is perceived

a visit is advisable to determine the extent of the problem and give the solution as soon as possible.

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