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Since time immemorial, the human race has had as one of its distinguishing features from other species, the sense of competition.

Leaving aside that nature is governed by the law of the strongest, man has always sought to overcome his own limits, challenging himself through competition to beat his rivals.

From this spirit was born what we know as sports in the different modalities depending on the environment where they are developed: athletics, swimming, etc.

The desire to improve has led to progress in fields as diverse as food, nutrition, clothing, and which we all enjoy in one way or another.

The sport of the car could not escape from these principles. We all know that one of the objectives of motor racing is to serve as a test bed for many improvements (safety belts, air-bags, abs, traction controls, deformable structures, etc.) that all our cars today incorporate and that make driving more pleasant and above all the road safer for everyone.

At we are committed to the sport of driving, and we want to contribute with our grain of sand to make this sport bigger. That's why we sponsor a totally amateur team from this region that competes within the Catalan Rally Championship.

With this will, here we want to share with all of you this initiative and where to find information, experiences and images of this sport, without which the progress in fields as diverse as the security as much active as passive, the energy efficiency or the environmental sustainability would not be possible.


Link to the list of winners and image gallery of the Rally teams