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A company created in 1998 dedicated to the fast service for cars, vans i 4x4, being a pioneer in the region of l’Alt Empordà.

In 2009 it starts operating under the current name, developing only and exclusively the same activities in which it has specialized since creation which are:

Oil changes and services, tires, brakes, shock absorbers, mufflers and transmissions.

This exclusivity has given you a deep knowledge of the products offered and has acquired a great experience in the execution of such tasks.

In this regard, it should be recalled that, in accordance with Regulation 461/2010 issued by the European Commission, all buyers of new vehicles have the freedom from the first day to choose any car repair center to carry out the checks and maintenance of their vehicles, in no case invalidating the guarantees of manufacturers.

At we are ready to seal maintenance books on your car that protects you with the same force and ensures that the dealer.

We use top quality products, certified by major automobile brand manufacturers, with the best guarantees on the market.

We have qualified professionals who perform repairs with rigor, efficiency and quickly.

If you want, we will make a free diagnosis and written and non-commitment budgets.

At we take care of the environment. We are attached to the main waste disposal and recycling agencies in Catalonia.

Budgets and booking of on-line tires. Enjoy exclusive offers..!!

Possibility of arranging appointments and ordering quotes for services via email and SMS confirmation.