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Regulation 461/2010 adopted by the European Commission and in force since 1 June 2010 has an impact on the need to lower prices for repairs and maintenance of cars, as they are considered to represent about 40% of the total cost of the vehicle.

This is why the will to ensure that independent workshops are not excluded from this market almost monopolized by manufacturers, removing numerous restrictions they face, improving competition in the vehicle repair market and offering a more consumer friendly environment.

To this end, manufacturers are required to provide the technical information necessary to make repairs to increasingly sophisticated vehicles and to sell the necessary original spare parts.

This achieves a number of benefits for end-user like:

  • Free competition in vehicle maintenance and repair market
  • The free choice of the workshop to perform car reviews from day one is guaranteed.
  • Security is not lost if maintenance is done outside the official services of the brand. Only repairs for manufacturing defects and within the warranty period will be made at the workshops indicated by the car manufacturer.
At we are ready to provide quality service in the maintenance of your car that is comparable to official services.

We use quality spare parts equivalent to the original and approved by major automobile manufacturers.

We scrupulously respect both manufacturer-specified maintenance plans and qualities oil required by each type of engine.

At the end of each service we can seal the review book, which attests to the fact that the guidelines established by the manufacturer have been followed, being an added value to be taken into account when selling the vehicle.