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42th. Rallye OSONA - 2-4 July 2.010


From 2 to 4 of July of 2.010 was held the 42nd Rally OSONA with an itinerary of 395 qms. with 83 qms. against the clock distributed in five special stages that they were repeated twice.

They participated a total of 72 teams of which they withdrew 11.

Folowing his journey for the Championship of Catalonia of Rallyes of Tarmac, the team of STEP 2 faced the test with the esprit of attaining another good result and with the will of to demonstrate that the good classification obtained in the last test contended in Girona it was not fruit of the chance.

The special stages contended in the morning it's necessary to highlight the first step of "La Costa dels Gats" where our team had a small fright losing among 10-15 seconds, which he could retrieve in the second pass since it reduced in 14'' the time used in the first.

On the afternoon in the first pass from the stage "Collsaplana" the teams they found the route very dirty because of the first contenders that provoked several incidents, among them the team of STEP2 where it arrached the back bumper after to touch a guard-rail, losing near 20".

But the worse it would be the penultimate stretch since the majority of teams had to contend under the rain with tires of dry, and that it provoked a crisis in the classification.

At the end our team classified 35rd. scratch, 14rd. of group and 3rd. of class, attaining a very meritorious podium after all incidents that they overcame with a lot of success.

Finally they offered a beautiful show in the super-special one that argued in the circuit of Osona.

After these two good drives, our team will take some good and deserved holidays before of facing the second part of the Championship with strength, in the one that the next appointment will be the Rally 2000 Viratges to celebrate on october.

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What a OSONA RALLY!. Only 15 days after our debut to the Rallye GIRONA expected us the stretches of an OSONA a bit shorter and without that plus of difficulty that always has characterised the bigest event of the Catalan calendar! Anyway also it had his dificulties!.

We began with LA TRONA with the aim to take the rhythm and without risking, as it is the first stretch and this is very long; when going through the arrival remains us a feeling that we could have gone quite better, although the approach is not of the all bad place that found us two rivals with problems!.

Planted us to the second stretch, and on the first left corner that closes fit too and the car raises of my side and does us jump the gear, this troubled us loosing our concentration, we went better after some corners but the time already is lost!.

Finished the stretch without forcing knowingly that we will have delayed us in excess!.

We arrived to the first assistance with the feeling that the things can improve and in fact this is the aim by the second past: recess time, think that is totally possible!.

Again to LA TRONA and this time we go more at attack and when finishing we think that will have gone out us a good stretch, but when arriving to the control stop exclaimed: it is not possible!, only three seconds less than before, if we have gone up quite faster; but no, the feeling is one and the reality is very different!. Accepting it we headed to the LA COSTA DELS GATS where here now if, have to improve; we did not make a mistake, we recessed 14 seconds the previous time and besides left backwards a stretch that personally does not excite me!. We have been more near of the ones of in front that never, but always above the second for kilometer. They are to another level!. Before the long assistance we have to do the first the firts time the super special stage of the kart circuit, where prevailed this, the show above the time, sure that we did not win at all here!.

The "parc fermé" of the midday serves to replace strengths and leave ready to our car, and neither are missing the comments with the others members of the team!. Soon we have to go back, we filled the tank and we wnt to the second section!.

Expects us the mythical COLLSAPLANA. We went out to see which feeling we had and to the first left corner... we spunt, of those that do not expect you, besides the car went off!. We restarted the course, knowing that we will find us the very dirty road and already involved several stray seconds, all this does us go with more prudence and besides to some 2 kilometers before finishing the stage, a badly traced right does us touch slightly the fence, to finish of desconcentrating us... I finish a bit hangry with myself, and in addition to doing an abysmal time that also have dented the car, although it was little thing; the codriver looks to go down a bit the nerves and when we arrived to the stop control we asked by the damages because we do not see at all: without back bumper and the left light broken!.

With all, have to continue, are missing us three stretches and the super special stage. In THE VOLA apart from a small fright do an acceptable stretch, marked the 33º of the general, and followed with the same tonic of always, 2 seconds for kilometer slower that the ones of in front, although 11 faster that those that come behind!.

Arrived to the assistance and thanks to the help of a codriver's friend expects us our bumper, looked to hold it as we can!.

After that we go through COLLSAPLANA; it goes out us a stretch more very toneless, between the ring and the touch to the fence does that we take it to us with a lot of calm, and I'am conscious that will do a regular time; we improved, but not too much, not so hard on the other hand, what explains now is to look to ensure the third place of the podium that seems quite clear!.

But still remains a good surprise to discover. When arriving to the last stretch, second go through LA VOLA, is expecting us the rain!. And besides it has taken to all the world with dry tires!.

Luckily when it when was the time to leave the rain stopped, although the road is wet; we worsened our time of before in 49 seconds, but is not moment to take any risks, a quite difficult special stage that finished without any problem.

And now to the kart circuit to do the second super special, already are much more relaxed and with the presence of crowd of fans we done so much of show as we know/can!.

Another Rallye finished, and another good position knowing that this time we must fight quite harder, this will do that before it do not finish the season do any another exit to the C.C.Rallyes of asphalt!